Custom Staircases Installation and Design

All stairs from Griffith Stair Company are custom built with accurate measurements taken from the designated location within the home.

With proper planning a stairway can be replaced the same day it’s removed, causing less inconvenience for the home owners. After the new stairs are in place the handrails are installed, always keeping safety a priority.

Treads, risers and skirts can be manufactured with a wood of your choice, generally matching the hardwood flooring of the home. Adding a starting ‘bull-step’ with a curved arm handrail ‘volute’ to an existing stair can add dramatically to the appearance of a somewhat ordinary stair. For stairs where carpet is favored, a false tread end and false riser is used to border the carpet to resemble hardwood treads with a carpet runner. This false end is also an ideal resting place for the balusters and newel posts.

Popular woods include Red Oak, White Oak, Maple, Hickory, Brazilian Cherry, American Cherry, Walnut, Mahogany and recently eco friendly Bamboo. This is, of course, only a partial list of the many wood types available.

Handrail profiles and handrail systems
Over the post Handrails
Over The Post

These Newel posts are more elegant and tapered so that the handrail passes directly over the post using a variety of handrail ‘fittings’ to accommodate turns and rises to follow the stair. The handrail fittings include volutes, goosenecks, quarter-turns, tandem caps, etc. also in a choice of handrail profiles as well as different wood species.

There is a wide variety of ‘over the post’ Newel posts with matching wood balusters and also different wood species.

Post to Post Hand railing
Post to Post

This type of handrail system would use a box newel and the handrail would fasten to the side of the newel post. Where height changes occur, such as a stair landing, a gooseneck could be, but not necessarily, used to accommodate the transition. Handrail fittings may also be used to make turns to follow the stair where eliminating posts is a short span would create a more desirable finished look. Box Newel Posts are of different sizes to better suit the size of the stair as well as different species to match the stair and handrails.

Combination Stair Handrails

These are tapered newel posts with a flat boxed section at the top to receive the handrail usually with a mushroom, acorn or ball top cap. Rather than passing above the post, the handrail would fasten to the side of the newel post using handrail fittings to make height transitions (goosenecks) as well as turns in the stair. These posts are designed with matching wood balusters and also in a variety of wood species.

Wood Balusters for Stairs
Wood Balusters

Tapered wood balusters have matching newel posts and are available in different wood species. They are either 1 ¼” or 1 ¾” at the bottom depending on the style of choice. There are different lengths for ever changing handrail heights.

When using with box newel posts most of these tapered balusters choices could be used as they are no longer matching the tapered newel posts.

Square balusters also are 1 ¼” or 1 ¾” and of different wood species. This installation requires a handrail with a grooved or ‘plowed’ bottom for the baluster to insert into with ‘fillet’ pieces installed between locking them into place and completing the bottom of the handrail. When using the 1 ¾” balusters a larger handrail would be necessary and is available.

There’s also tapered balusters that have a square top and install the same as the square baluster.

Metal Balusters
Metal Balusters

There’s a wide variety of metal balusters allowing for creating very different patterns from simple to extravagant. Also available in different finishes such as satin black, copper vein, oil rubbed bronze, stainless steel, etc. Use scroll balusters for complementing or to help balance a pattern. A wood handrail carries the wood theme around the top between the newel posts and down again to the stair or metal posts matching the baluster design can also be used rather than wood posts.

Metal Balusters
Metal Balustrade

This is a continuous welded baluster section between box newel posts most often with a wood handrail cap. This requires an additional sub-contracted welder of which I have done numerous projects.

Glass Balusters

Tempered glass panels installed between square newel posts with glass brackets to match existing hardware thru out the home. Use a wood handrail to cap over the glass panel or have an open section between the handrail and glass. Glass panels are 3/8” or ½”depending on size and your choice of glass opacity. I’ll be happy to refer you to a glass company with which I’ve done several projects in the past.

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